The Greatest Risk

I believe that today is a gift

A strange and unexpected gift, but a gift.  What started out as a day I planned out just perfectly, arranged my work schedule so I could be a couple of hours late, suddenly changed.  In between raindrops at baseball tryouts, I saw my perfectly-planned-down-to-the-minute day, get a rain delay.  A 4 hour delay at that.  As panic set in, I remembered today is a gift.  I have an awesome employer who will hopefully understand, customers who will (hopefully) reschedule and a little boy so thankful we can stay, even though a part of him is scared to death and he wonders how he got himself into this.  At our house, we believe in courage and trying different things, even though it often means stepping out of our "boxes".  Will he make the team?  I don't know and really, it doesn't matter.  He's trying - and that's what matters - at least to me.  Sometimes the greatest risk is never trying.  When is the last time you tried something new or different?  If it's been awhile, maybe today's the day?  Today is a gift - go make the most of it!  Don't doubt yourself - whether whatever you try is a success or an epic fail - at least you tried.  Don't forget that. 

Karen SmithComment